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How does a Member become a Competition Adjudicator (CA)

The council shall have the power to appoint such persons as they shall select on the recommendations of the Branch Committee to act as examiners of the Association and all persons so appointed shall hold office for such a period and upon such conditions as to remuneration and otherwise as the Council shall think fit.  The Council shall have the power at any time to determine the appointment of an Examiner.  No person shall be appointed to act as an examiner who is not a member of the Association or who holds any office or appointment in any other Association, body or organisation having objects similar to the objects of the Association.


  • Festival Adjudicators
  • Competition Adjudicators
  • Championship Adjudicators

In ALL cases the appointment of these positions is by invitation only.  (However the process of appointment may vary slightly if required.) 

  • The Line Dance Head in consultation with the KZN Branch Chair will invite candidates to be appointed as     Adjudicator.
  • Once you have been invited and have accepted the nomination, a request will be put forward to National Council to formally appoint you. 
  • Appointments only take place twice a year at National Council meetings in Johannesburg, normally in May and November.
  • You will then receive a letter from Head Office appointing you to the role of adjudicator, subject to the required number of 'mocks' (3) being undertaken.

Adjudicator Mocks (Practical Assessments)

  • Newly-appointed competition Adjudicators in the process of doing mocks may join a panel, and should act in that role for the entire event. In other words, acting like a qualified adjudicator and complying with the adjudicators’ rules.
  • They should arrive in good time, be suitably dressed, and act with the necessary decorum.
  • 3 mocks are required to become a qualified Adjudicator.
  • Although their mock marks don't count in the results they are compared to the final results to assess if they were similar.  If not, there should be a consultation with the head judge as a mentoring process.
  • After the event, they will receive a written confirmation of having performed the task.


  Confirmation of their appointment as an Adjudicator will be endorsed by the SADTA Council.